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A Book of Troth

A Book of Troth

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Originally written in 1988 as the foundational document for the Ring of Troth (now known simply as The Troth), A Book of Troth is Edred Thorsson's vision of how Germanic paganism, or Ásatrú, can be practiced in the modern world. While The Troth itself failed to live up to his expectations, today there are thousands of individuals performing the rites and rituals of Ásatrú, and Edred's ideas have been embraced by a whole new generation of readers.

A Book of Troth contains a complete liturgy of rituals for celebrating both personal turning points in the life of the individual and the Great Blessings of the Year. It provides the philosophical and historical background necessary for understanding the true significance of the Germanic Revival that is taking place today. And it outlines the rigorous academic and spiritual standards necessary to establish a permanent body of Elders who can carry Ásatrú forward into the new millennium. 

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