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Blackthorn Keppen Wand / Blasting Rod

Blackthorn Keppen Wand / Blasting Rod

$ 34.99

This Keppen is made from Blackthorn wood. It is shaped and smoothed and it has then been oiled and polished with beeswax.

The Blackthorn, or Bellicum, wand is best known as the “Blasting Rod” or “Cursing Rod”. It has a long history of being used to blast out a curse or revenge in the direction of a foe but it is also used to blast out justice; rightful justice.

The protection afforded by the Blackthorn is impenetrable and allows nothing to gain entry. This gives a clear indication as to the potency of the wall of protection that can be manifested with the aid of the Blackthorn and it is regularly used to create a safe boundary from which to communicate with the ancestors and spirit while safe-guarding us from those spirits that are less than pleasant or helpful.

Handmade by a coven of witches in Wales.

Appx. 7"

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