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A Woman’s Book of Shadows: A Celebration of Witchcraft

A Woman’s Book of Shadows: A Celebration of Witchcraft

$ 19.95

This book is an irresistible, definitive guide to the magical practices of contemporary women. Beginning with a brief history of witchcraft, it explores a huge range of beliefs, festivals, skills, and lore, including:

  • Goddesses, priestesses, and witches
  • Reincarnation, karma, magic, and power
  • The aura, the chakras, psychic awareness, astral traveling, pathworking, dreamwork, and healing
  • Covens, initiations, collectives, and lone witches
  • The circle, the altar, wands, robes, chalices, incenses, oils, and candles
  • The moon and the planets
  • Sabbats, esbats, solstices, equinoxes, Samhain, Candlemas, Beltane, and Lammas
  • Tarot, scrying, starcraft, and herbal lore

 Gathering together all the disciplines of European witchcraft and providing rituals and spells for use in our lives, A Woman’s Book of Shadows, first published in 1993, is a remarkable compendium of magical lore, psychic skills, and women’s mysteries.

5 x 8
264 pages

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