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Bardic Course

Bardic Course

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Using traditional myths, cosmology, and the insights of modern disciplines such as ecology and ecopsychology, the Bardic Course introduces the druidic student to a way of seeing the world that is both fresh and ancient - and an awakened way of living in that world in service to the hearth community.

Topics include:

  • Translations of important mythological stories to illuminate the lessons and commentaries.
  • An exploration of basic questions such as "What is Druidism?"
  • Animism and the variety of Celtic views on divinity.
  • The process of initiation into a soul-centric way of being in and seeing the world.
  • The fecund power of darkness and the unconscious in spiritual growth.
  • Forming relationships with the ancestors.
  • Presence as the language of nature, and learning from the earth.
  • Ecology, activism, art, sovereignty, and other topics which provide a clear segue into the Ovate Course.
  • The art of pilgrimage as a model and practice of spiritual transformation.
Paperback, 178 Pages


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