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Custom Drinking Horn with Uruz and Tiwaz Runes

$ 50.00

Drinking horn with the Uruz and Tiwaz runes carved on sides.

Uruz is the second rune of Freya's aett. Uruz translates to "Aurochs" (giant ox of Europe).

Uruz represents physical strength, endurance, courage, and the raw, wild power of freedom. It represents a time of great energy and health. Uruz symbolized freedom, energy, action, courage, strength, tenacity, understanding and wisdom.

Tiwaz is the first rune of Tyr's aett. Tiwaz translates to "Tyr" (the Sky God).

Tiwaz represents Tyr, the god of battles and justice, protector of warriors and mariners. It represents honor, leadership and authority; knowing where one's true strength lies. Victory and success in any competition or legal matter. Tiwaz represents tactical genius, courage, bravery, dedication, and daring; and protection on sea travel.

Appx. 9" length

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