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Hag Stone/Odin Stone

Hag Stone/Odin Stone

$ 6.99

Hag Stones (AKA - Witches Stones, Odin’s Stones, Seeing Stones) are stones with natural formed holes made by nature by crashing together along a sea bed with water rushing past and then through them creating the holes.
The association of Woden or Odin with the Odin Stone may be a remembrance of the Eddic myth of Odin having a hole bored through the mountain in order that he may gain access to the sacred mead. According to folklore, if you peer through the hole you can see into the Otherworld. Odin’s stones are often used to bless marriages and to perform marital promises.  

The holed stones are also associated with fairies and are considered to be a doorway or key to the doorway of the fairy kingdom.  Wear around your neck to connect with elemental energies.  

**Sizes, shapes and colors vary. Price is per stone.

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