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Handmade Wooden Hammer Pendant - Isa/Algiz (Elhaz)

$ 25.00

Handmade wooden Thor's Hammer pendant on cord, featuring the Isa rune one side and the Algiz rune on the other side.

Isa is the third rune of Heimdall's aett. Isa translates to "ice".

Isa represents a challenge or frustration indicating to delay your plans until a more favorable climate. Predicts a standstill, or a time to turn inward to seek clarity. But it can take the heat out of a confrontation or protect against magical attack. Isa represents a cooling of affection. Isa reinforces other runes around it.

Algiz (or Elhaz) is the seventh rune of Heimdall's aett. Algiz translates to "defense" or "protection".

Algiz represents protection, a shield and defense. The warding off of evil, as a shield or guardian. It imparts a connection with the gods, awakening, and a higher life. To channel energies appropriately, follow your instincts, and keep hold of success or maintain a position won or earned.

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