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Large Glass Pillar Candle- Witch's Broom (Cleansing)

Large Glass Pillar Candle- Witch's Broom (Cleansing)

$ 15.00

The Witch's broom (besom) has many and varied symbolic meanings and associations. Flying ointments, fertility, purification and most importantly in this case, cleansing. The broom (besom)  is used to sweep away negativity in our sacred space and also, our home in general. 

Some traditions have two different brooms, one for magical cleansing and one for mundane cleansing. Some traditions use the same for both.

You can use your mundane broom to sweep away negativity by starting at your backdoor and sweep in a counter clockwise motion around each room until you reach your starting point at the backdoor. Then simply sweep the dust and negativity out the backdoor. Never the front. To sweep out the front would invite negativity in. 

To use your broom magically, to cleanse your sacred space, sweep in a counterclockwise circle but never let the bristles touch the floor. You simply sweep about an inch or so above the floor space.

This candle is great on it's own to sweep away negativity and cleanse any space. Use it after a besom cleansing of your home for added impact!

 8" X 2" Sage scented glass pillar candle.

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