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Meet Your Power Animal

Meet Your Power Animal

$ 16.95
When we tap into Universal Consciousness in order to better understand the spiritual language of the animals, we must first learn to quiet the mind, cease all internal chatter and listen with an intuitive ear. Secondly, and most importantly, we must be prepared to trust unequivocally in the wisdom found in the silence. Only then can Spirit hope to teach, heal and inspire us via the medicine ways of the animals.

Meeting Your Power Animal helps you experience the sheer joy of meeting your power ally. Imbued with instruction suited for both the beginner and the seasoned journeyer, the CD guides the listener deep into their subconscious self where they are invited to explore their inner landscape and come face to face with their Power Animal.


Intro Music
Preparing for the Journey—Smudging and Stilling the Mind
All Things are Equal
Guided Visualisation: Meeting your Power Animal
Honouring your Power Animal
Animal Medicine
Guided Visualisation: Seeking the Counsel of an Animal for a Particular Reason
Creatures of Prophecy
Guided Visualisation: The White Buffalo Calf Woman

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