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Mokosh, Slavic Protector of Mothers

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Mokosh is celebrated as the Goddess of fertility, mother of Gods. Together with Svarog, she is responsible for the creation of the human race. She is the protector of women and household chores, she helps women in labor and protects their children. Many customs celebrate Mokosh as the protector of yarn women. As she was always connected to spindle and distaff, people would connect her to Fates. More precisely, it was believed that Mokosh spins the thread of a man's destiny and makes decisions about his life and death. Divination are also connected to the cult of Mokosh and some authors believe that her other personality is Baba Yaga, the witch from Russian fairy tales who lives in a cottage with chicken legs and helps young men and women with gifts of magical power. Women who practiced divination were called 'mokoshes'.

Measures 5" in height.

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