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Ovate Course

Ovate Course

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The Ovate Course is the second in the New Order of Druids' Grove of Dana college. Whereas the Bardic Course focused on the primary cosmological foundation of the Druidic tradition, the Ovate Course delves deeper into practical and experiential work.

Topics include:

  • Awareness practices designed to put the practitioner in direct contact with their experience of the world.
  • The importance of place and story in our relationship with nature and soul.
  • Principles of "sacred warriorship" derived from Celtic and cross-cultural sources.
  • A further exploration of the map of soul-initiation presented in the Bardic Course as integration of soul and nature.
  • Topics in Jungian and ecopsychology with a focus on experiential work with a strata of the self deeper than personality and ego.
  • Dreamwork and shamanism.
  • A retelling with complete commentary on the Irish story of the Voyage of Maelduin and how this myth may be approached as a practice.
    Paperback, 126 Pages


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