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Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales

$ 19.99

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales is a timeless collection of Scottish folklore, legends, and tales which will appeal to readers of all ages. Here you will find stories of the fantastic, the supernatural, the cunning, the hilarious, and the gifted—all finely representative of the Scottish people in all their mannerisms.

Divided into seven sections: Nursery Stories; Stories of Animals; Fairy Tales; The Brownie, The Bogle, The Kelpy, Mermen, Demons; Witchcraft; Comic Tales; and Literary Tales; the reader will delight in each tale, focused as they are upon the specifically Scottish nature of the retelling.

The stories in this classic volume were compiled from oral traditions and the oldest Scottish writings. Rarely has such a pleasing and complete overview of traditional Scottish folklore ever seen the light of day.

Now fully reset, complete with its original beautiful illustrations.

      Hardcover, 260 Pages


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