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Stonehenge Pendant

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Stonehenge -This unusual view of the monument is from inside looking up at the sky overhead with the stones all around you. This piece helps us connect with the importance of this ancient site that links man with the earth and the cosmos. A symbol of ancient knowledge.

[aprox. 1-3/8" across]

*Hand Poured Pewter. Made in the USA by Mark Krehbiel

*Mark is a Master Whitesmith with over 30 years self-mastering his trade. The pewter Mark pours is lead free, based on a 2000 year old white bronze called "Britannia" which has a unique brightness and warm touch. Mark does all the work himself in midcoast Maine including the original drawings (photography where possible), plate making and the making of the mold. He hand pours each piiece one at a time and continues the handmade process through all 30 steps to the finished piece. It is truly old world craftsmanship, made in New England.


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