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The Book of Visions

The Book of Visions

$ 29.99

The Druid’s Peace & the Sorcerer’s Eye

The practice of magical arts requires a mind trained in the ability to produce altered states of awareness at will. Magical work is supported by the ability to calm the heart and mind, to work with the energies of the Inner World, and to see and journey among the spirits.

The Book of Visions provides lessons in the skills of meditation and vision. The methods are presented in a series that can serve as progressive lessons, or stand alone. Presented within a Pagan Druidic framework, the methods are easily adaptable to other Pagan systems.

The lessons include:

• Meditation – Finding Your Peace
• The Two Powers; Underworld and Heavens
• The Threshold Realm, & the Vision Journey;
• The Inner Grove; a personal place of power.
• The Nineteen Working: a spiritual practiced based firmly on Gaelic lore.

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