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The Grimoire of Lady Sheba (Hardcover)

The Grimoire of Lady Sheba (Hardcover)

$ 19.95

Lady Sheba inherited her practice of witchcraft from more than four generations of Witches. Recognizing a profound need for a new understanding of the forces of nature, she elected to publish her grimoire, a personal magickal workbook copied by hand from the time of her initiation.

―The Power: Description of the rules and requirements for correct, effective use of Witchcraft
―The Tools: How to make, consecrate and use magickal instruments
―The Language: Includes diagrams of the lost Theban script and Runic alphabet
―The Rituals: Complete instructions for performing rituals for every purpose
―The Recipes: The famous secret herbal lore of the Craft, including ointments, teas, incense, perfumes and oils
―The Dances: Traditional square dances as well as magickal "Witches' rounds"
―The Book of Shadows: The Holy Book of Witchcraft
―The Eightfold Path: Describes the steps to magickal attainment.

First published in 1974, this ground-breaking volume includes essential information for practicing Wiccans. Llewellyn is proud to present this hardcover edition to celebrate our company's one hundred year anniversary.

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