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The Portal Book

The Portal Book

$ 23.99

The Portal Book is a grimoire of Pagan Witchcraft. Written in 1988 for new students of a working Coven of the Celtic Traditionalist Craft, it has been edited and made available to the wider Pagan community. While many guides to Wicca focus on tools, seasonal rites and spells, the Portal Book is aimed at building the skills that support any kind of Pagan spiritual work.

Beginning with descriptions of core Craft symbolism the student is led to deeper practices that allow true worship and effective magic. The Portal Book includes:

  • The Five-Fold Pantheon
  • The Eight Holy Nights
  • The Home Shrine
  • Witchcraft Meditation
  • Solo Rites of Worship
  • Making the Spirit Wand
  • Practical Magic

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