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Words for Warriors

Words for Warriors

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Throughout the current modern heathen revival, many Ásatrúar, heathens, Odinists, and fellow travelers, following the proud warrior traditions of the ancient North, have served in the United States Armed Forces. Diana L. Paxson, author of Essential Ásatrú and Taking Up the Runes, has joined forces with Troth members who are active and retired military personnel and their families from across the US and Canada to provide inspiration, counsel, and comfort from the lore of our faith, as well as practical advice on how to apply that in a military setting. Chapters cover our Gods and Goddesses, ethics and virtues, runes and protections, legal and practical issues, adjusting to post-combat life, and advice for chaplains. Sized to fit comfortably in a pocket, Words for Warriors can go anywhere an active soldier, sailor, airman, or marine can—and, hopefully, come back with them as well.

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