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A Year in the Enchanted Garden

A Year in the Enchanted Garden

$ 27.99

Step onto the Garden Path with a Year of Spells, Stories & Soil

Dig into your Witchcraft with month-by-month gardening guidance for flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees, and more. Featuring dozens of spells, charms, and activities, this hands-on book helps you select, grow, and harvest the best plants for your region and shows you how to use them in your magickal practice.

Monica Crosson devotes three chapters to each month, sharing both practical and magickal tips on timely garden tasks. Her inviting collection blooms with stories, recipes, and crafts as well as correspondences for stones, colors, animals, zodiac signs, and more.

Deepen your connection to Mother Nature with thirteen Celtic tree month full moon rituals. Revel in the rich folklore, sabbat celebrations, and garden-based deities. Whatever hardiness zone you hail from, A Year in the Enchanted Garden will nurture your love of plants and guide you through growing your most plentiful garden yet.

424 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN

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