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Shipping Information

We currently ship to the United States.

Our shipping rates are averages based on weight of the shipment. We will use either USPS, UPS or FedEx services at our discretion, depending on which better serves the customer.

We will typically ship within 3 days of receiving the order and will provide a tracking number for your convenience. 

**Please use the notes section during checkout if you have any special instructions or special delivery requirements. 

Orders over $100 are eligible for Free Shipping!

***Special Note:  Currently, our shipping calculator does not discern the different shipping zones in the U.S. and shipping prices are averages based on weight (plus a very small packaging amount). If we determine that a customer has well overpaid for shipping cost, we always refund the difference (rounded up to the nearest dollar) to the customer.  For example - If a customer pays the $11.00 shipping rate, and actual shipping comes out to $7.80, we would immediately refund the customer $3.00 in shipping cost overages. (The majority of orders will fall under the $8.00 shipping rate which is well below calculated Priority rates for shipping zones in the U.S.)

If your order is $100 or over, please make sure to select the "Free Shipping" option at checkout. 

We do try to keep an accurate inventory but it is possible from time to time for an item to be out of stock. If an item that you order happens to be out of stock, we will contact you with the option of a refund, a substitution or shipping when the item is available. 

If you ever have any questions at all concerning your order or shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us.