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An Cawdarn Rudh: A Companion of Invocations and Charms for an Carow Gwyn

An Cawdarn Rudh: A Companion of Invocations and Charms for an Carow Gwyn

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An Cawdarn Rudh ("The Red Cauldron") is a companion book to "An Carow Gwyn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith", which greatly expands upon the system of sorcerous practice presented within An Carow Gwyn's pages. This work returns to the ancient source that gave rise to An Carow Gwyn's most powerful workings, and makes five additional Key Invocations available to practitioners of this potent system of sorcery. These five venerable invocations, nearly lost to the world during purges of spiritual texts in ancient times, can greatly expand the capabilities of those assaying sorcerous works within the boundaries of Fayerieism. Also found within this book are four other spells and charms drawn from the ancient magical scrolls: a spell for accomplishing the dreaded feat of Red Necromancy, or appealing to the souls of men and women who have died under unfortunate circumstances to become allies in the accomplishment of sorcerous works, a charm that appeals for protection from the Powers of the Underworld, a spell for gaining detailed dream revelations and visions, and an alternative Herb Swaying Charm for gaining aid from the free souls of plants.These substantial Key Invocations, along with the four accompanying spells and charms, are analyzed and explained with historical background where necessary, and come with complete instructions and pronunciation guides for their accomplishment. Practitioners of many traditional sorcerous or magical systems might find this work a valuable resource.

6 x 0.16 x 9 inches

62 Pages

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