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Awakening the WitchBlood

Awakening the WitchBlood

$ 24.95

Drawing on the myriad of beliefs from European witch traditions, Nathan King has created an impressive guidebook, combining mythology and folklore with operative rituals designed to enliven and quicken the metaphorical Witch Blood that courses through our veins.

The Witchblood Awakens

Witches are not just users of magick; we are a physical embodiment, reflection, and power of the source. Coursing through our veins is a potent, magickal elixir called the Witchblood, our personal source of power that creates the spark igniting our spells and rituals. In his first book, Awakening the Witch Blood, folkloric witch and high priest Nathan King takes the reader on a truly magickal journey through witch-lore, ultimately leading you on a journey of self discovery.

Paperback 6x9

200 pages 

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