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Blackthorn's Botanical Wellness

Blackthorn's Botanical Wellness

$ 21.95

“The best life starts within, looking outward,” writes Amy Blackthorn in this simultaneously practical and personal guide to wellness and healing. Blackthorn, a master herbalist, aromatherapist, and prolific author, explores methods of wellness management using both mystical and mundane tools and techniques.

Amy’s book features essential oils, plants, meditation, tarot, astrology, and personal sigils tailored to your own specific needs and circumstances. She also describes her own journey to well-being and shares the lessons she’s learned, including how to develop healthy mind-body habits and to stop relying on fear and shame-based rituals for self-care that ultimately produce results that are the very opposite of what is desired. Instead, Blackthorn’s Botanical Wellness supplies holistic solutions that enable you to lead your best life.

According to Blackthorn, self-care isn’t “me, first”; it’s “me, too.” In clear, accessible, friendly language, Blackthorn’s Botanical Wellness teaches the skills to put these important lessons into practice.

Find tools for managing health, chronic illness, and self-care
Create a lunar self-care calendar
Embrace the emotional well-being of aromatherapy
Work with plant spirit allies
Empower yourself with spells and rituals

240 Pages


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