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Celtic Goddess Grimoire

Celtic Goddess Grimoire

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Welcome to the world of the Celtic feminine divine! Within these pages, you will meet great goddesses such as Brigid, the Morrigan, Sulis, Rhiannon, Rosmerta, and Elen of the Ways, as well as faery women like Melusine and Morgan Le Fae. Celtic Goddess Grimoire introduces you to goddesses of magic like Cerridwen, Arianrhod, and Blodeuwedd, as well as goddesses of justice, healing, and sovereignty. This book also explores the Ladies of the Lake, including the original Lake Lady from The Mabinogi. It shines a spotlight on the most prominent Celtic female divinities but also includes a section devoted to lesser-known goddesses of the Celtic world, such as the mysterious Nehalennia, who was nearly lost before her shrine was recovered from the depths of the North Sea.
A practical guide to working with these sacred beings, this book includes exercises for celebrating, honoring, and serving them. Author Annwyn Avalon provides chants, rituals, spells, and meditations. Learn how to build altars, craft charms, and actively invoke these Celtic goddesses so that they become a living, vital presence in your spiritual life. Annwyn also provides information about the meanings of the names of these sacred beings, their sacred symbols and creatures, as well as their personal powers, realms of strongest influence, and historical context.
Annwyn Avalon, a water priestess and Celtic witch, is the founder of Water Priestess Training, the Water Priestess Confluence, and Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of esoteric water mysteries, art, witchcraft, and magic. The author of Water Witchcraft and The Way of the Water Priestess, she has written for The Magical Times magazine and Witchology Magazine and has contributed to other publications, such as Brigid’s Light and The New Aradia. Annwyn writes the Patheos blog, The Water Witch. She lives in Glastonbury, as the sacred steward of Chalice Orchard, the former home of acclaimed occultist Dion Fortune. Annwyn serves as a keeper at the White Spring, one of Glastonbury’s sacred springs. Find her at annwynavalon.com. Follow her on Instagram @annwynavalon

 Pages -224  
6 x 8

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