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Cerridwen Plaque - Stone Finish

Cerridwen Plaque - Stone Finish

$ 62.99

Cerridwen is a Celtic Goddess. Cerridwen, a Celtic Goddess, was known for creating a magical brew that was stirred for a year and a day to produce the Three Drops of Inspiration. These were stolen by a young boy who grew up to be known as Taliesin, a great bard and wizard. The myth of the Goddess' pursuit of this thief involves a dramatic series of shape changing. Cerridwen was the muse who brought inspiration to poets, musicians, writers and those of the creative arts. Historically, Celtic bards were known as "Credo," children of Cerridwen.

She is seen to be for all needs but especially inspiration, knowledge, transformation.

Resin 10" x 1 1/2" x 9 1/4"