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Cu Chulainn Statue - Cold Cast Bronze

$ 95.00

Cuchulainn is a title given to the legendary hero Setanta, which means The Hound of Culann. Setanta earned the title due to him killing the huge hound of Culann by mistake and swearing loyalty to the Culann family. As a result, Cuchulainn lived a hero’s life filled with glorious battles and an equal amount of Gaelic tragedies. He was prophesied at a young age to become the most powerful warrior of his age but will not live a long life. Knowing this, he grew up as a battle-hardened young man who demonstrates incredible loyalty and unmatched fighting prowess, able to take on multiple armed men at the same time, and came out victorious. At the age of 17, Cuchulainn joined the fight to protect his homeland from Queen Medb’s invading forces. However, Medb tricked Cuchulainn prior to the invasion and the hero died on his famous last stand. Legend has it that in his final moment, a weakened Cuchulainn tied himself to a nearby standing stone using his own intestines, still raising his sword to his enemy. His reputation was such that no one dared to attack him until the Queen of Death, Morrigan, in her raven form, landed on his shoulder confirming that he was truly dead.

Fine cold cast resin with bronze finish and hand painted.

Appx. 11.5" H

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