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Custom Goat Leather Journal with Helm of Awe

Custom Goat Leather Journal with Helm of Awe

$ 54.99

This goat leather journal has the Helm of Awe pyrographed in the upper right hand corner. The closure is a leather strap with brass ring secured by a wooden peg which has the Thurisaz rune burned on one side, and the Algiz/Elhaz rune burned on the other side of the peg.

The Helm of Awe is a fierce Norse protection symbol.

Thurisaz (th) is the third rune of Freya's aett. Thurisaz translates to "thorn" or "Giant". Also Thor or his hammer

Thurisaz represents reactive force and directed force of destruction and defense. Thurisaz leads a tendency towards change, purging, catharsis and cleansing fire. Also a representation of male sexuality and fertilization. 

Algiz (or Elhaz) is the seventh rune of Heimdall's aett. Algiz translates to "defense" or "protection".

Algiz represents protection, a shield and defense. The warding off of evil, as a shield or guardian. It imparts a connection with the gods, awakening, and a higher life. To channel energies appropriately, follow your instincts, and keep hold of success or maintain a position won or earned. 

Protect all of your important journal entries with the beautiful goat leather journal.

6” x 8”

120 blank linen parchment pages


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