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Custom Goat Leather Journal with Norse Compass

$ 54.99

This goat leather journal has the Norse Compass (Vegvisir) pyrographed in the upper right hand corner. The closure is a leather strap with brass ring secured by a wooden peg which has the Kenaz rune burned on one side, and the Ansuz rune burned on the other side of the peg.

The Vegvisir gives you guidance so as not to lose your way and to keep you on your path in life.

The Kenaz rune is the rune of knowledge, learning, teaching and inspiration.

The Ansuz rune is rune of dreams, words, poetry. It gives you the power to control your life course. Ansuz is the rune of Odin who sacrificed himself for the knowledge of the runes. Ansuz brings knowledge and wisdom.

6” x 8”

120 blank linen parchment pages


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