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Dragons and Serpents

Dragons and Serpents

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Explores the importance of dragon and serpent energies and symbols from prehistory to the present around the world

• Explains how dragons and serpents are bearers of the elemental and archetypal energies of the Earth

• Examines myths, legends, and symbols of dragons and serpents in many cultures, including their positive associations in Asia and their often misinterpreted negative meanings in Christianity

• Reveals the geomantic meaning of dragon energy and how to reconnect to it for supporting the Earth in these times of change

Revealing how dragons and serpents are deeply embedded in the story of humankind and the Earth itself, from prehistory to the present, Stefan Broennle takes us on a journey through the myths, legends, symbols, and geomantic powers of dragons in different cultures around the world. He shows how the ancient image of the dragon and the serpent are closely connected with each other. He explains how dragons are archetypes of the elemental force of the Earth, while the serpent, which can change its skin and regenerate, carries the elemental force of rebirth and is also connected to the Earth through its relationship with the feminine. Looking at lore from Europe and Asia, he shows how in Christian cultures, dragons and serpents were often connected to dark and evil forces whereas in Asia the dragon is considered the bearer of culture, the founder of countries, or even the primal father of the people.

The author examines ancient pictorial representations of dragons on buildings and in paintings, interpreting their different forms and unveiling their hidden meanings. Illuminating the meanings of dragons in geomantic symbolism, he explains the differences between dragon paths, soul paths, and ley lines, which form an energetic network all over the globe. He shows how our ancestors recognized the dragon-earth energies of these energetic lines and identified them with dragon place names or sculptures at precise geographical points. He explains how dragon portals can be opened through geomantic work and includes a powerful exercise to awaken the dragon energies within you and connect more deeply to the Earth.

Presenting a gateway into the ancient power of dragons, this book reveals how reconnecting with the archetypal Earth energies of dragons and serpents is crucial not only for our individual growth and transformation but also for the fate of humanity and the Earth during our present times of great change.

Pages :112

Book Size ‎ 5.75 x 0.5 x 8.25 inches

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