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Enchanted Crystal Magic

Enchanted Crystal Magic

$ 15.99

Open Your Heart to the Uplifting Energy of Crystals

Whether you already have a gem collection or are just starting to appreciate the spiritual power of these stones, this fun, high-energy guide shares everything you need to build a unique Crystal Enchanter practice. Get to know some of the most powerful yet accessible stones, which are also featured in a full-color insert. Learn how crystal colors relate to powerful chakra energies. Use grids, potions, and spells to improve your love life, manifest money, and heal emotional wounds. Pamela Chen also shares simple but potent rituals and meditations that help raise your intuition, repel negative energy, and much more. Enchanted Crystal Magic empowers you to reveal your true, sparkly self and attract excitement into your everyday life.

286 pages
Size: 5 x 7 x 1 IN

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