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Mother of the bard Taliesin/Merlin.
Goddess of herbal wisdom and prosperity.

Kerridwin is the Welsh Triple Goddess. Her cauldron was the Celtic symbol for prosperity and rebirth, and she herself is the Mother Goddess, famous for nurturing her children. Her totem animal, the white sow (a symbol of death), represents the moon as well as Kerridwin's crone/transformatrix aspect.

The great bard Taliesin (often thought to be Merlin), born of the goddess according to a favorite Celtic regeneration myth, attributed his magic talents to her.

She can be equated with Greek Demeter, Anatolian Diana of Ephesus, and Kali, all goddesses who both give and take away.

[Design based on oral tradition.]

8 1/2" gypsumstone statue, blue verdigris color finish.

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