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King of the Celts

King of the Celts

$ 16.95

A Celtic historian re-creates the life and times of the real King Arthur and explains how even today Arthurian ideals of knightly virtue remain at the heart of Western thought.

In a masterful blend of history, geography, and literature, Jean Markale re-creates the true King Arthur, the real-life Celtic warrior-hero who organized the resistance to the Saxon onslaught in fifth-century England. Markale's unsurpassed knowledge of Celtic history has enabled him to reconstruct for us the actual world in which King Arthur lived--its heros, its values, and its vicissitudes--and to define the position that Arthur occupied within it.

• Explains how the Arthurian ideals of knightly virtue and chivalry are at the heart of Western literature and thought.

• Shows how the Celtic heritage continues to exert a unique formative power on our personal and moral concepts.

Pages: 320
Book Size: 6 x 9

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