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Large Glass Pillar Candle- Triquetra (Connection of the Mind)

Large Glass Pillar Candle- Triquetra (Connection of the Mind)

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The Triquetra is one of the most popular triple knot designs. The line is unbroken and never-ending and is said to represent many things, such as past, present, and future; body, mind, and soul; life, death, and rebirth; or the Celtic concept of land, sea, and sky.

The triquetra appears in both Norse and Celtic history. The triple knot can be dated as far back as the Iron Age, but such symbols became frequent from around the 4th-century BC. It has also been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins, as well as on Indian heritage sites that are over 5,000 years old.

The Triquetra and Patchouli are powerful symbols of Connection. Open the Mind to the Past, Present and Future.

 8" X 2" Patchouli scented glass pillar candle.

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