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Maiden Magick

Maiden Magick

$ 16.99

“By the end of Maiden Magick, the young woman has been armed, initiated, and guided to be a magical maiden, not just for the Goddess but also for herself and the world around her. For any young girl coming of age, Maiden Magick is a great tool.”—Foreword

Chock full of Goddess information, personal encouragement, and humor, Maiden Magick speaks directly to the teen reader, embracing and honoring her as a true Spiritual Seeker drawn to the Goddess tradition and eager to learn to walk her path. But where does the reader begin her journey? What does it mean to become a Celtic spiritual apprentice, to conjure effective spells, write chants, or cast blessings? And how does a teen effectively practice her newfound magick skills and still balance her serious responsibilities as a young woman while following the Goddess way?

Maiden Magick answers that often-voiced need from today's teens for a clear, step-by-step guidebook to Goddess spirituality and Celtic magick. Author C.C. Brondwin was raised by healers and mystics in the ancient Clan tradition, and she learned her craft as it was handed down from mother-to-daughter.

Maiden Magick encourages the teen apprentice to believe in herself and her own natural powers, and to walk the Goddess path with confidence by:
Enjoying the warmth and comfort of belonging to the ancient Goddess circle.
Taking charge of her own spiritual quest and becoming the skipper of her own life.
Divining her future through ancient magickal and practical methods and designing her life plan.
Developing her self-esteem and fortifying her confidence to realize her full potential, and more.

224 Pages

5.25 x 8.25

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