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Maiden, Mother, Crone Statue

$ 120.00

Three women stand with their backs to a large tree, side-by-side. At the left of the scene, the young woman (maiden) wears flowing blue robes and holds her hands out as a small bird lands. Above her, the tree is blooming, and there is a waxing crescent moon, symbolizing youth and growth. At her feet, roses are in flower. The middle woman (mother) is a little older and wears flowing red robes, her hands cupping her pregnant stomach. At her feet a sheaf of wheat has been laid, and above her the tree blooms with apples. The moon above her is full and emblazoned with a pentacle, symbolizing fertility and the creation of new life. At the left, this older woman (crone) wears purple robes and holds an owl. The tree is withered and has a waning crescent moon, while at her feet is a cauldron with a pattern of triskelions, symbolizing her wisdom and mastery of magic. Illustrating the cycle and stages of life, this beautiful statuette is the perfect centerpiece to any altar or magickal space.

Fine cold cast resin with bronze finish and hand painted.

Appx. 10.5" H

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