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Norse Witch: Reclaiming the Heidhrinn Heart

Norse Witch: Reclaiming the Heidhrinn Heart

$ 22.00

Are you tired of hearing "you're doing it wrong"? Norse Witch by Connla Freyjason celebrates the Spirit of the Norse Tradition, fusing past with present towards a more magickal future. Rather than steadily looking backwards into the past, and treating History as the Letter of the Law, this book focuses on building a living, breathing faith that is as vibrant and electric as a Scandinavian night sky. We cannot live as our Ancestors did, nor should we really want to, but we can and should learn from them, and then take those lessons forward into our modern world. That is the soul of what it means to be a Norse Witch; to reclaim the Heidhrinn Heart.

Participate in Godfinding; procure, bless, and ensoul your ritual objects; go wight-walking, and reclaim your Heidhrinn Heart, as you journey down this spiritual path, shimmering with the myriad colors of the Northern Lights. Highlights of your journey will include:

  • Self-work
  • Devotional Acts
  • Godfinding
  • Morality (Good vs. Evil)
  • Jormungandr
  • Ritual Objects; Sacred Tools
  • Wight-Walking
  • Angels Among Us: The Alfar, The Ancestors, and The Disir
  • The Wild Hunt (Protection Magick)
  • Runelore
  • Magick for Manifestation
  • Faring-Forth (Astral Travel)
  • PLUS: Sojourns with Odin, Freyr, Freyja, Hella, Tyr, and Baldur!

430 pages

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