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Organza Bag - Yellow

Organza Bag - Yellow

$ 2.99
For use as a mojo bag; mixing stones and/or herbs, or for carrying magical supplies.

Appx. 4" x 6"

Red: passion, protection, martial energy, courage
Orange: vitality, success, endurance, swiftness, justice
Green: prosperity, wealth, "luck," employment, fertility
Blue: philosophy, wisdom, intellect, healing
Purple: spirituality, healing, divination
Pink: emotional healing, love, friendship, beauty, romance
White: soothing, psychological healing, angelic guidance, peace
Black: banishing negativity, protection, discipline
Brown: earth, nurturing, connection to nature and animals, emotional balance
Silver: meditation, goddess energy, receptivity, power of the Moon
Gold: prosperity, god energy, power of the Sun

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