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Spirit Weaver

Spirit Weaver

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• Explains how to awaken your spiritual Womb to find strength within and how to reclaim your softness and vulnerability as a feminine superpower

• Explores Earth Magic, the Moon Mysteries, Flower of Life teachings, Dragon wisdom, the shamanic powers of grief, the feminine archetypes of the Witch and the Priestess, and powerful goddesses from around the world

• Reveals sacred spaces in the world where the power of the Goddess lives on

The Womb is the seat of our primal power and intuition--our “wild knowing.” Spirit weavers are those who have heard this wild voice from within and have followed that call--embarking on a grail quest to follow the feminine path of magic, awaken to the depths of their soul, and embody their true feminine essence.

Inviting you onto the spiral path of the spirit weaver, Seren Bertrand shares wisdom teachings and rituals from the feminine path of magic and her own ancestral lineage of old European witches and faerie folk, spirit keepers and story weavers. She explores Flower of Life teachings, the moon mysteries, and dragon wisdom. She unveils the shamanic powers of grief and deeply examines the feminine archetypes of the witch and the priestess. Drawing on powerful feminine spiritual icons from around the world, such as Kali, Isis, Teresa of Ávila, and Mary Magdalene, she explains how to awaken your spiritual Womb to find strength within and how to reclaim your soft powers of heart-opening vulnerability. She explores the lost traditions of the Goddess lineage and reveals sacred spaces in the world where her memory lives on. She shares the Womb Mysteries of alchemical union, revealing how to awaken the wild feminine and wild masculine and become sacred lovers who balance their light and shadow.

From working with the cycles of the moon and learning how to root your power into the earth to healing the ancestral wounds left by the generations before you, Seren’s medicine teachings, like secret spells, cast an enchantment over your feminine soul, awakening its fertility and wild inner magic.

Pages: 256
Book Size: 7 x 10

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