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Talismanic Magic for Witches

Talismanic Magic for Witches

$ 21.99

Power Your Witchcraft with the Celestial Magic of Talismans

Filled with advanced planetary and zodiacal magic, this book shows you how to make talismans—materialized spells that are continually and perpetually operating for your benefit. It teaches you how to encapsulate a wish and charge it with the energies of the elements, spirits, and archetypes of the gods. You will also learn the best times to generate these magical artifacts using planetary hours, days, and astrological auspices. With this comprehensive explanation of celestial magic, you can make a charmed life possible for yourself, your loved ones, and even potential clients.

A companion to Spirit Conjuring for Witches and Elemental Power for Witches, this book covers the mansions of the moon, the planets, and the zodiac signs. Frater Barrabbas also explains astrological decans and a new, elemental division of the zodiac signs called astrological septans. Through this book's rituals, you can work celestial magic and fashion a battery of specific talismans to help build the life you have always dreamed of having.

328 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN

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