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The Clovenstone Workings: A Manual of Early Modern Witchcraft

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"The Clovenstone Workings" is a manual of Witchcraft inspired by and based upon 17th Century reports of the operations, workings, and meetings of Early Modern Witches. Noted author and sorcerous practitioner Robin Artisson has assembled this work of practical guidance and instruction based upon research, occult exploration, and ritually channeled guidance gained over a period of time leading up to the book's publication. Found within are examinations of the nature of the entities who stood behind the historical arts of Witchcraft and the extraordinary relationships once gained by certain human beings with them: entities whose presence can still be encountered at rare times by men and women today. How this was accomplished in the past, and methods for how it might be accomplished now through the incubation of initiatory dreams, are both elucidated in great detail. The motivations behind historical Witchcraft, the nature of the Witch throughout history, and the difficulties that modern people face when attempting to integrate themselves with the spiritual current of the Despised Art are all given a thoughtful treatment. The heart of this work contains full instructions for basic and advanced feats of Witchery as they were reported in Early Modern sources, including the yielding of the legendary talismanic Green Oyl, the art of scrying in mirrors and dark surfaces under the empowerment of certain mystical formulas, petitioning and bargaining with spirits, Transvection or soul-flight, and sympathetic sorcery achieved through empowered images. The Clovenstone Workings is a readable and concise handbook of the Witchcraft of an older age, well-suited for adepts of the Strange Arts as well as for those seeking to begin their own practice.

6 x 0.58 x 9 inches

257 Pages

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