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The Daily Practice Journal

The Daily Practice Journal

$ 30.00

Consider the truth that you are the most powerful healer available to you, that you are fully supported in all ways and that you have everything you need within to be happy, and to be whole, whatever hardships and challenges life may bring.

The Daily Practice features the messages of the 44 Soulflowers as meditative coloring pages flowing within the simple framework of the moon cycles, and supported by affirmations and inspirational quotes along with plenty of space for your thoughts and reflections.

The healing journey is a complex one, and it is not easy. The Soulflower Plants Spirits are here to gently guide us in remembering that we are part of the Earth and as such have access to the Earth’s wisdom which is stored in every cell of our beings.

This book will provide you with a peaceful, sacred space for
rigorous honesty, budding self-awareness, loving self-compassion, and intuitive understanding along with an abundance of reassurance
that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Over time as you tend to the thoughts, the beliefs, the programming and the stories of your unique life, you will see them for what they truly are—fertilizer for your own personal growth.

6”x9” journal printed on high-quality paper with a brass spiral binding. 276 pages. Printed in Maine, USA using wind power.

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