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The Home Apothecary

The Home Apothecary

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An apothecary is a skilled crafts person who compounds herbal mixtures that enhance health and beauty. Put aside the modern world of tricky marketing and harmful chemicals and create your own apothecary solutions. They're fresh, safe, and effective-and many are made from the wholesome ingredients already in your kitchen and garden. Inside you'll find:·

Skin Care 101: How to make cleansers, scrubs, creams and lotions, tonics, and toners for oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin-along with acne treatments, natural sunscreen, lip balm, and more·

Body care recipes for homemade body scrubs, massage oil, body powder, and toothpaste· Remedies for what ails you, including healing cough syrups, compresses, teas, and tinctures· Hair care recipes for dry, normal, or oily hair-add shine, clear up dandruff, and control thinning and volume· Recipes for the home, including Kitchen Sink Scrub, Drawer Refresher, and Fly Deterrent. · Plus, get inspired at your farmers' market and explore seasonal recipes for a Pumpkin Mask, Cucumber Toner, and more!

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