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The Lore of Old Elfland

The Lore of Old Elfland

$ 17.99
Folktales, Stories, Recipes, and Crafts from the Lands of Elves and Faeries

Stories of the elven tribes have been told throughout history, and for some people in the modern world, encounters with elves continue to this day. This book explores the magical territory of Elfland, sharing tales of elves and faeries from Old Norse sagas, Danish ballads, and Tolkien's Mirkwood. From the mound people of Lu?neburg Heath to the Elf-maids of the Black Forest, The Lore of Old Elfland brings the shrouded activities of the elves into the light. With recipes, crafts, and an elven herbal, author Linda Raedisch invites you to realize your own vision of Elfland—a vision that is sure to fill your spirit with unexpected wonders and astonishing delights.

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