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The Mysteries of Druidry

The Mysteries of Druidry

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“A clear, accessible, and forthright exploration of Celtic tradition as the foundation of a personal path of mystical transformation that’s profoundly relevant to the problems and possibilities of the modern world. This is a book I would be delighted to recommend to my students, to members of my Druid order, and to anyone interested in Celtic spirituality as a living path for today.” —John Michael Greer, former Grand Archdruid, Ancient Order of Druids in America and author of The Druidry Handbook

The Druids were the mystics, philosophers, and magicians of the ancient Celtic world. Their spirituality was borne from their near-worship of poetry and music, their warrior prowess, and the world of nature. The Mysteries of Druidry reveals this mystical romanticism as it was in ancient times, and shows various ways to bring it to life today. It includes:
A professionally researched survey of Druidic history, tradition, and customs.
Detailed descriptions of the mysteries of Celtic spirituality, including the Sacred Truth, the Great Marriage, the Hero’s Journey, and the Otherworld.
Practical guidance for meditation and ceremony, for individuals and for groups.
The Celtic story of the creation of the world, presented together with a plan for re-enacting the story in ritual.

240 Pages

7 x 10

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