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Thrifty Witchery

Thrifty Witchery

$ 17.99
A Practical, Penny-Wise Roadmap to Spellcasting

Discover the secrets to practicing magick on a budget with this empowering guide. Featuring more than forty exercises, Thrifty Witchery shows that intuition, wisdom, and intention are more important to your magick than expensive trinkets. With these three skills, you can turn everything you touch into a magickal tool.

Vincent Higginbotham and Martha Kirby Capo teach you how to see the world with a witch's eyes and mind. Learn how to safely forage for supplies, find specific items you know you need, and fabricate separate components into something new and full of magickal intention. You will speed up a spell with hot sauce, create sigils with liquid eyeliner, use eggshells for protection, and more. Most of all, this practical guide demonstrates that the greatest tool you will ever own is yourself.
280 pages
Size: 5 x 8 x 1 IN

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