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Weather Magic

Weather Magic

$ 19.99

Harness Powerful Energy From Weather Right Outside Your Door

Why does the wind blow, how do clouds form, and what can the science and lore behind these occurrences teach you about magic? Physicist and witch Debra L. Burris explores the synergy of science and sorcery, helping you take simple steps to cast more powerful magic in rain or shine.

With guidance and insights for practitioners of all skill levels, Debra provides nearly fifty spells, exercises, and crafts to enliven your practice. Learn protection methods for your home and family, cloud divination techniques, and sigil work using weather map symbols. Connect with your climate through an icicle spell, a fog ancestor meditation, thunderstorm water scrying, and more. From sunlight to snowfall, the dynamic energies of weather offer you boundless magical potential.

Page Count:    296 pages
Size:    5 x 8 x 1 IN



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