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Irminsul Wall Plaque

Irminsul Wall Plaque

$ 89.99

It is known as the "Great Pillar" in old Germanic Paganism or the mythical "Axis Mundi" - the world's center, connection between heaven and earth, where the four compass points meet. In ancient times, a pole or tree would be erected as a symbol of this communication point between the upper and lower realms. For this piece, Paul envisioned that we now carry this timeless strength in the blood of our ancestry; in our very spine. The warrior's shield is engraved with the runes that we're given to Odin when he hung on the Yggdrasil, or "World Tree", which is very similar if not the same in essence as the Irminsul.

Size: 11"h x 10"w x 1 1/2"d

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